• Who's going to build the future of Blockchain?

    Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm. But there's a shortage of blockchain developers. We need you to architect the future.

    Blockchain at an accredited university

    SACS-CASI accredited. Distance learning infrastructure. Global reach.

    You’re looking for immersive training in blockchain technologies in order to innovate solutions for today’s (and tomorrow’s) global challenges.


    At Academy, we provide the world's first accredited program for aspiring blockchain developers. We offer a range of in-person and online learning experiences. Our state-of-the-art distance learning infrastructure and SCORM compliance optimize student experience and outcomes. Academy courses offer students the opportunity to participate in individual and collaborative laboratory exercises, to access digital course materials and to discuss their learning with lecturers and teaching assistants, both on and offline.

    World Class Instructors

    Founders, CEOs, Cryptographers

    Academy’s curriculum is designed by the world’s best blockchain minds. Our curriculum team is comprised of industry leaders and award-winning educators whose primary role with Academy is to create dynamic curricula tailored to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain sector.

    Academy students gain unparalleled access to a cutting-edge blockchain training curriculum that includes guest lectures from world-renowned blockchain and cryptography experts. You won't only finish with a certificate and knowledge, but also with access to the best networks in the industry.

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